How to cook to temperature not time

For outstanding results every time, use a thermometer

"Cook to temperature, not time" This is a bit of a mantra round these parts. That's because no two cuts of meat are the same - no matter how similar they look. They'll differ in size, shape and fat distribution, which means that they'll differ when it comes to cooking times as well.

While recipes give a good indication of how long a dish will take to cook, it's only by checking internal temperatures that you'll get reliable, and consistent, results.

Below is a list of what to aim for.

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Turkey & Chicken
Poultry legs: 72°C
Poultry breast: 72°C


Pork & Ham

Pork & ham: 62°C
Pullable: 93°C

Whole Ham with Spiced Port Glaze | Pork Recipes | Roasting Recipes | Big Green Egg


Rare: 50°C
Medium-rare: 54°C
Medium: 60°C
Medium-well: 65°C
Well done (if you must): 70°C

Roast sirloin of beef

Lamb, Goat & Mutton

Medium: 60°C
Well done (if you must): 70°C
Pullable: 93°C

Tender lamb shoulder studded with garlic, rosemary and anchovy


On or off the bone: 50°C

Smoked Salmon | Big Green Egg

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