Tom Kerridge's T Bone Steak | Recipes | Big Green Egg


By Tom Kerridge

Don't worry about overcooking your veg with this tasty recipe from Tom Kerridge. On an EGG, their flavours will only deepen and develop. Remember: charring is your friend.


Caramelised on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside... you can’t beat a T-bone steak cooked on the EGG. A colourful assortment of veg – cooked around the steak until tender and temptingly charred – is the perfect accompaniment and can be adapted according to the seasons.

Prepare the pepper butter

Mix the ingredients together in a small bowl until evenly combined, then spoon onto the middle of a sheet of foil or cling film and roll to form a cylinder, roughly the diameter of a £1 coin. Twist the ends of the foil or cling film to seal and place in the fridge for 30 minutes to firm up.

Prepare your veg

Meanwhile, for the charred veg, place all the onions in a large bowl with the leek, broccoli, lemon and thyme. Drizzle with the oil and season with a little salt and pepper.

Set up your EGG

Set up your EGG for a direct cook, using the Cast Iron Searing Grid. Your target temperature is between 250˚C-300˚C.

To cook the steak

When ready to cook, rub the T-bone steak with a little oil and salt, then lay on your Cast Iron Searing Grid. Cook for 5 minutes with the lid down. Using a pair of tongs, turn the steak over and cook for another 5 minutes with the lid down.

To char your veg

Quickly place the onion wedges around the steak first and cook, turning occasionally, for 5 minutes. Now lay the leek, spring onion, broccoli and lemon on the grid and scatter over the thyme. Cook until they are tender and charred on both sides, turning as necessary.

Rest your steak

Once the steak is cooked, lift it off the barbecue onto a warmed platter. Cover with an upturned bowl to keep it warm and leave to rest for 5–8 minutes. Meanwhile, unwrap the pepper butter and slice it into discs.

To serve

Carve the steak either side of the T-bone and place on a warmed plate. Lay the butter discs on top of the steak. Serve with the barbecued veggies and the charred lemons for squeezing over them.

Extracted from Tom Kerridge’s Outdoor Cooking: The Ultimate Modern BBQ Bible, published by Bloomsbury