Modular Nest with Foldable Acacia Shelves (Large)
Modular Nest + Foldable Acacia Shelves

£ 990

Modular Nest with Foldable Acacia Shelves (Large)

£ 990

Modular Nest + Foldable Acacia Shelves

9 reviews

This set-up embeds your EGG in the centre of a stylish, highly functional but exceptionally space-efficient structure. The Modular Nest, made from premium powder-coated aluminium, comes with convenient tool hooks and a stainless steel wire grid for under-EGG storage. The two Acacia foldable shelves create a sturdy, spacious work surface for prepping, resting or dishing up food. When not in use, they can be turned down to sit neatly against the side of the unit. The Nest is available with or without caster wheels.

Compatible covers with shelves folded down:
Cover A for the Large, XL and 2XL Big Green Eggs
Cover B for the Medium Big Green Egg

Code: ACL260-AS-CW

Totally Modular

All our modular frames, including cabinets and shelving units, fit seamless together. If in future you want to add extra pieces to your set-up, the Modular Nest system makes it simple.


Our Modular Nest Frames are made from industrial powder-coated aluminium: stylish, durable and weatherproof.


Made from sustainably sourced hardwood, each Acacia Foldable Shelf is strong enough to hold up to 18kg of weight.

Furniture shopping for your barbecue

The Modular Nest System gives you the power to build a custom outdoor kitchen, without any of the usual headaches. Easy to assemble. Loads of options. Beautiful, industrial aluminium design. Your EGG never looked better.

9 reviews

  • Simple to assemble and excellent quality



It's so easy. Simply screw one to the other with the included fittings pack. Because the fit is universal, it's the same simple process whether you're on your first Expansion Frame or your tenth.

This highly durable table should last you a lifetime in all kinds of weather. If you want to go the extra mile in keeping it like new, consider purchasing one of our covers — there's one for every EGG setup.

You can. You could attach two Modular Nests directly if you wanted to, or separate them with an Expansion Frame. It's totally up to you. Our nests can be tailored to your garden, and the vision you have for your outdoor kitchen.

If you have a Large, XL and a 2XL Big Green Egg in a Modular Nest you will need the EGG Cover A.

If you have a Medium Big Green Egg in a Modular Nest you will need the EGG Cover B.