EGGspander 5 Piece Kit for Large

£ 245

EGGspander 5 Piece Kit

The Five-Piece EGGspander Kit comes with a ConvEGGtor Basket, a Two-Piece Multi-Level Rack and two Stainless Steel Half Grids.

Code: ACL642

The EGGspander System gives you the ability to use multiple levels for direct and indirect cooking

Position the single piece ConvEGGtor Basket in the base of your EGG, and your Two-Piece Rack and Stainless Steel Grids will slot right in on top. There’s so much room to expand further if you want to take things to even greater heights.


The EGGspander is a genuine game changer. As well as massively increasing your cooking area, the different heights and surfaces offer enormous amounts of flexibility. You can be grilling your meat on one side, whilst roasting your potatoes on the other and leaving your gravy to bubble away above. If you're new to the EGG, it’s THE indispensable accessory to go for. If you're not, you're going to wonder how you survived without it.

EGGspander System


It couldn’t be easier. Once your Fire Box is filled with charcoal, insert the ConvEGGtor Basket. Then add in either a Half Moon Baking Stone (for indirect cooking), a Cast Iron Searing Grid (for direct cooking), or a combination of the two. By mixing and matching, you can cook with two types of heat at once.