Low & Slow Pack for Large and XL

£ 104

Low & Slow Kit

With the Low & Slow Pack, you've got everything you need to roast, shred, baste and serve your slow-cooked creations.


Our Meat Claws Shred

Think pulling pork is satisfying? You haven't tried pulling pork with meat claws. They're specifically designed for the job — so no more muddling through with forks. Ideal for easy pulling and consistent chunks.

Baste and Marinade on the Fly

The Cast Iron Sauce Pot makes warm marinades as easy as lifting the lid. Plus, the Basting Brush sits neatly in place for an all-thrills, no-spills cook.

Even Airflow. Consistent Results.

This easy-to-clean rack perfectly holds roasts and poultry on one side, which promotes even air flow. The smart design of the Roasting Rack means it doubles as a rib rack too.

Tender lamb shoulder studded with garlic, rosemary and anchovy

In the box

  • 1 x Meat Claws
  • 1 x Cast Iron Saucepot with Basting Brush
  • 1 x Roasting Rack


What is direct cooking?

When you cook at a high temperature in direct contact with the cooking surface, that's searing. This cooking mode falls under the "direct heat" category, as whether you're using a searing grid, skillet, or plancha griddle, you'll be utilising the heat without anything blocking or deflecting it around the dome of the EGG.

What is indirect cooking?

When you're cooking directly, the flames cook your food. That's good for smaller items that take less time to cook or for things that can easily be flipped over. However, if you've got a large cut of meat with lots of connective tissue to break down, a loaf of bread that requires consistent, even heat all around, or something you're looking to roast or smoke at a very low temperature, direct cooking won't cut it for you.

By placing a ConvEGGtor into your Firebox (or by using the EGGspander System), you block the direct heat and deflect it around the dome of your EGG. Thanks to the EGG's careful design and amazing ceramics, this heat bounces back to your food, cooking it indirectly.

Maintaining the Big Green Egg's temperature is easy. Simply close the rEGGulator Cap and the bottom vent slightly to reduce the temperature, or open them slightly to increase the temperature. Make sure you make only very small adjustments, as even a few millimetres can make a big difference to your temp. You'll get used to how it works in no time.

Fill your Firebox to about 5cm below the top of the Fire Ring. When you’ve finished cooking, the leftover charcoal can be re-used. When you come to cook again, simply rake through the old coals with an Ash Tool, top up as required and light as usual.