By José Pizarro

A Spanish omelette stuffed with mushrooms and topped with garlic and parsley


José says: “Robellones (saffron milk cap or red pine mushrooms) grow in abundance throughout Catalonia. I’m also very lucky that they were plentiful in my home town of Talaván when I was growing up, so they’ve always been an ingredient I love to cook with. Just cooked on the plancha and finished with some very finely chopped garlic and parsley and plenty of olive oil and freshly ground black pepper. Heaven! As for the tortilla, I don’t think you can beat this one. If you want to be a bit more adventurous, crumble in some goat’s cheese.”


Prepare your EGG for direct cooking at 160°C.

Heat a glug of olive oil and the butter in a skillet and fry the shallot for 10 minutes until lovely and soft. Add the garlic, thyme and mushrooms and cook over a high heat for 5 minutes until tender and golden. Remove from the heat, add the parsley and set aside.

In a bowl, beat the eggs then add the mushrooms and plenty of seasoning.

Heat the oil for the tortilla in a small frying pan or Paella Pan. When the oil is hot, add the egg mixture.

fry the mushrooms add the egg

Swirl the pan over a high heat until the mixture starts to set around the edges and cook for 4-5 minutes until the bottom and sides of the tortilla are golden, but the middle is still quite loose.


Cover the pan with a flat lid or board and turn the tortilla carefully onto it – don’t worry that it’s still quite runny; it will all come back together when you continue to cook it. Slide the tortilla back into the pan and, over a low heat, use a spatula to tuck the edges under to give it its characteristic curved look. Cook for a couple of minutes, then turn onto a board and serve. It should still be lovely and juicy in the middle when you cut into it.