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It is essential that your EGG's dome and base are perfectly aligned, to prevent any heat from escaping. The EGG's Quadra-link band should hold everything in place, but you may occasionally find that you have an under or over bite.

If the Quadra-link band is damaged, you'll need to replace it (see seperate Guide). Otherwise, some simple adjustements should bring everything back in line. Here's what to do.

To undo the main carriage bolts at the back, you'll need:

  • ⅜" ratchet and extension bar
  • ½" (13mm) deep socket
  • OR
  • ½" (13mm) spanner
  • To undo any nuts on brackets, hinges and handle you'll need:

  • 7/16" (11mm) deep socket
  • OR
  • 7/16" (11mm) spanner
  • How to realign your dome | Maintenance | Guides | Big Green Egg

    Loosen the dome

    Open the dome, remove the springs from either side, then close the dome again. Next, remove the side brackets. You should find now be able to move the lid back and forth, and side to side.

    Get into position

    Position the dome correctly on the base, ensuring all the holes are aligned. Once happy, tighten the brackets again, then open the dome and put the springs back on.

    Check and tweak

    Close the dome and check all round for gaps. If there are no gaps, you are done! If there are, repeat the process again. Make sure the nuts at the back are tight. Both carriage bolts should be bent.

    Check in on your EGG

    Regular use, moving your EGG or even the wind can cause the dome to slip slightly. It's worth checking from time to time that all the bolts are tight and that there are no gaps.

    How to realign your dome | Maintenance | Guides | Big Green Egg

    Big Green Egg Servicing

    If replacing parts on your EGG feels a little daunting, hand over to the experts. To book a service, e-mail us at (with ‘Servicing’ in the subject line), including your address and a photo or two of your EGG.

    Servicing your Big Green Egg | Maintenance | Big Green Egg

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