Cast Iron Burger Grill Press
Cast Iron Burger Grill Press

£ 26

Cast Iron Burger Grill Press

£ 26

Cast Iron Burger Grill Press

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The new Big Green Egg Cast Iron Grill Press is a simple, practical and highly durable tool that will help you improve your grilling game. It can be put to good use when making smash burgers, creating perfect sear marks on steaks or seafood, applying pressure to a panini or cheese toastie, or stopping thinly sliced meats such as bacon from curling as they cook.

  • Heavy-duty enamelled cast iron construction
  • Cool-grip spiral handle provides a safe, comfortable grip
  • Keeps food flat as it cooks and distributes heat evenly
  • Dishwasher-safe

Code: AC6517

How to make the perfect “smash” burger

Where the Grill Press really comes into its own is in the creation of the smash burger. Set your EGG for direct cooking at 200°C. Lightly oil a heated griddle or plancha. Shape your minced beef into loose balls, place these in the hot pan, then use the weight of the Grill Press to push down until a thin patty is formed. You should only turn the patties once, so be sure to get good purchase underneath to retain the caramelised layer on the bottom. The result should be something approaching the ideal burger, with crispy edges and a juicy centre.

You'll find a full recipe for our perfect burgers below.

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Seasoning is the process of coating cookware with layers of fat to create a natural non-stick surface.

Cast iron and wrought iron have an amazing ability to retain seasoning. This means that your iron pans will become more and more non-stick with every use. What’s more, your food will begin to taste better as it takes on the flavours of the cooks that came before it.

But with great power comes great responsibility! You’ll have to re-season your iron cookware with a high burning-temperature oil (such as rapeseed oil) from time to time.

You can find full instructions for cleaning and seasoning your iron cookware here.

Firstly, never dishwash or submerge your cast iron in water. To clean on the EGG, simply bring your EGG up to a high temperature and use one of our Scrubbers to remove any debris. Then wipe down with oil to re-season.

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