ConvEGGtor Basket for Extra Large
ConvEGGtor Basket

£ 130

ConvEGGtor Basket for Extra Large

£ 130

ConvEGGtor Basket

5 reviews

This basket makes it easy to place and remove the ConvEGGtor. It's the starter component for our EGGspander System so, if you like, you can also add the Two Piece Multi-Level Rack to it for multi-level cooking.

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The EGGspander is a genuine game changer. As well as massively increasing your cooking area, the different heights and surfaces offer enormous amounts of flexibility. You can be grilling your meat on one side, whilst roasting your potatoes on the other and leaving your gravy to bubble away above. If you're new to the EGG, it’s THE indispensable accessory to go for. If you're not, you're going to wonder how you survived without it.

EGGspander System

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With traditional barbecue, the food is cooked directly by the heat of the flames. This is perfect for searing things like steak, burgers, and sausages. The ConvEGGtor turns all that on its head.

Using the same exceptional ceramics as the EGG itself, the ConvEGGtor blocks this direct heat and deflects it around the dome of the EGG. With the ConvEGGtor, food is cooked indirectly with this heat — which is just how a regular convection oven works. This opens up so many doors for what you can cook: pizza, roasts, slow cooks, and even cakes and pastries!

What is direct cooking?

When you cook at a high temperature in direct contact with the cooking surface, that's searing. This cooking mode falls under the "direct heat" category, as whether you're using a searing grid, skillet, or plancha griddle, you'll be utilising the heat without anything blocking or deflecting it around the dome of the EGG.

What is indirect cooking?

When you're cooking directly, the flames cook your food. That's good for smaller items that take less time to cook or for things that can easily be flipped over. However, if you've got a large cut of meat with lots of connective tissue to break down, a loaf of bread that requires consistent, even heat all around, or something you're looking to roast or smoke at a very low temperature, direct cooking won't cut it for you.

By placing a ConvEGGtor into your firebox (or by using the EGGspander System), you block the direct heat and deflect it around the dome of your EGG. Thanks to the EGG's careful design and amazing ceramics, this heat bounces back to your food, cooking it indirectly.

We were the first ceramic grill in the world to stand behind our products by offering a Limited Lifetime Warranty — something we've done for over 20 years. Today, each Big Green Egg is inspected and certified to be the highest quality product of its kind, and we continue to offer best-in-class customer service and warranty support to our customers.

Core Ceramic Components

Every Big Green Egg carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty for materials and workmanship on all ceramic components to the original purchaser or owner who has purchased the product from an Authorised Dealer.

This Warranty is valid for as long as the original purchaser owns the EGG or covered component, except for other ceramic, metal and wood components which are covered as explained below.

Other Ceramic Products:

Our ConvEGGtor and Ceramic Pizza/Baking Stones carry a Limited Three Year Warranty to the original purchaser. These ceramic components are not covered for breakage from dropping or abuse.

Metal Components:

Metal, Stainless Steel and Cast Iron components of the EGG carry a Limited Five Year Warranty to the original purchaser.

The Big Green Egg makes every effort to use materials that resist rust and we use high temperature paint on metal surfaces. However, metal materials and protective coatings can be compromised by various surface scratches or exposure to substances and conditions beyond our control. Among other things, chlorine, industrial fumes, chemicals, fertilisers, extreme humidity, lawn pesticides and salt are some of the substances that can corrode paint and finish on metal coatings. For these reasons, the Warranty on Metal, Stainless Steel and Cast Iron Components does not cover rust, oxidation, fading or other blemishes unless it also results in a loss of structural integrity or a failure of these components of the EGG.

Wood Components:

Wood items, including EGG Shelves and Big Green Egg Tables, carry a Limited One Year Warranty to the original purchaser. Wood products are not covered for normal weathering or cracks unless there is also a loss of structural integrity.

NOTE: Do not place an EGG directly on or near a combustible surface, deck, table or other support without the use of a Big Green Egg Metal Nest or Metal Table Nest, or without making use of other fireproof barrier such as a 2” concrete paver block under the EGG. Doing so will void the Warranty and we expressly disclaim any liability for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage which may result.

Temperature gauge & gasket:

Gaskets and the Temperature Gauge carry a Limited One Year Warranty to the original purchaser.

What is not covered:

These Warranties are based on normal and reasonable residential use and service of the EGG. Commercial uses and related applications are excluded from Warranty coverage. Warranty does not apply to any incidental or accidental damage or breakage, or for any damage caused by:

  • transporting
  • dropping
  • misassembly
  • improper support
  • attempting to suspend the EGG by any means other than an approved BGE Nest or solid, non-combustible surface under the base
  • commercial use
  • modifications
  • alterations
  • negligence
  • abuse
  • improper care
  • road hazards
  • normal and reasonable wear and tear
  • natural disasters
  • Warranty coverage does not extend to scratches, dents, chips, crazing, appearances or minor cosmetic cracks of the exterior glaze that do not affect the performance of the EGG.


NOTE: If you purchase from an unauthorised source, even one operating as a legitimate business offering products in unopened boxes, you're buying, by legal definition, used products. Buying from an unauthorised dealer or retailer, or from an unauthorised online dealer, almost always means you're buying items without manufacturer’s warranties regardless of any statements or claims this seller may make. This is the published policy of many brands and companies, not just Big Green Egg.

Coverage under the warranty:

Original Big Green Egg components that are found to have defects in materials or workmanship, and that are covered under a valid and registered Warranty, will be replaced or repaired at the sole discretion of Big Green Egg at no cost for the warranted item or component, subject to the terms and conditions of this Warranty.

Warranty Claim Procedure:

For Warranty support, contact Alfresco Concepts Ltd, the UK Distributor of the Big Green Egg. Do not ship or mail any components for a Warranty claim before contacting Alfresco Concepts, as in some cases it may not be necessary to return the warranted part.

Shipping And Delivery:

Neither Big Green Egg or Alfresco Concepts Ltd are liable for shipping, delivery charges, labor, packaging costs, export/import duties, VAT or any levied taxes resulting from any Warranty claim, service, repair or return, unless authorised in writing.

Voiding The Warranty:

Any unauthorised modifications or alterations to an EGG will void the Warranty. This includes drilling holes or tampering with any of the parts, using any parts inside the EGG other than authentic BGE components, or using any internal components in any way other than as intended by the manufacturer. Modifying or substituting any internal components, including the fire grate and fire ring, will void the Warranty, and Big Green Egg expressly disclaims any liability for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage which may result. The pouring of lighter fluids or any flammable mixture onto or into an EGG will void the Warranty. This practice is dangerous and may result in damage or injury.

Delay Or Default:

We are not liable for any delay or default in Big Green Egg’s performance under the Warranty caused by any event or contingency beyond our control, including, without limitation, acts of God, war, government restrictions or restraints, strikes, fire, floods, transportation delays or reduced supply of materials.


This Limited Warranty is non-transferable. The Big Green Egg does not authorise any person or representative to make or assume for BGE any obligation or liability in connection with the sale of any EGG or BGE product.

Warranties, whether written, oral, expressed or implied, are not extended to persons who obtain the product from any source other than the Big Green Egg or from an Authorised Big Green Egg Distributor or Dealer, or through an authorised Big Green Egg promotion. Purchasing and/or accepting delivery of any BGE product from unauthorised dealers or unauthorised online dealers will void the Warranty associated with that product. The Big Green Egg is not sold at discount clubs, discount chain stores, and any product purchased from any such retailer is not covered under Warranty. Authorised Dealers can be verified at the website.

Our Obligations:

The repair or replacement of parts shall constitute the fulfilment of all Warranty obligations and/or any direct and derivative liabilities of the Big Green Egg. A purchaser’s exclusive remedy for any breach of this Warranty or of any other implied Warranty is limited as outlined herein to replacement or repair of the component, shipped to purchaser at purchaser’s expense.