Cooking Kit 2

£ 143

Cooking Kit

This Cooking Kit contains the bare essentials needed to run a tight barbecue ship. From surface management, to temperature probing, to general flippage, these are the tools that are easy to take for granted, but you can't do without.

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Handle surfaces, no sweat

With our famous EGG Mitt Glove, you'll be able to move hot grids, pans and surfaces without breaking a sweat.

Don't measure time, measure temp

Every cook is different, so a flat cooking time can often bring you unpredictable results. Get it right every time with our Quick Read Pocket Thermometer. It'll never let you down.

A complete BBQ toolbelt

This custom-designed set offers BBQ enthusiasts the equipment they need to handle every cook. Extra long stainless steel handles keep heat safely at a distance. The contoured design provides a comfortable and secure grip.

Quick read thermometer

In the box

  • Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set
  • Quick Read Pocket Thermometer
  • Heat Resistant EGGmitt BBQ Glove

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