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A running order for cooking all the elements on a Sunday Roast on a Big Green Egg at once.


Roasted Sirloin of Beef
Roast Potatoes
Giant Yorkshire Pudding
Cauliflower Cheese
Suet Pudding
Grilled vegetables


Below is a running order for preparing a full Sunday Roast on your EGG.

This recipe is designed for Large and XL owners who have an EGGspander System (a helpful accessory that allows you to cook or reheat several sides at once, as well as cooking directly and indirectly simultaneously).

If you own a different sized EGG or are not in possession of an EGGspander, you can of course cook all the elements one at a time. If easier, you can find the individual recipes on our main recipe page or by clicking the links above.

Although it’s possible to cook every element on the EGG, especially if you have more than one at home, the method below also includes some kitchen cooking to save you time and stress. Don't worry though, all the key elements that benefit from a hint of smoke are cooked on the EGG.

This running order for Sunday Roast on the EGGspander provides timings for a beautfil Roasted Sirloin of Beef, but the centrepiece could easily be replaced with a pork shoulder or veggie wellington with all the trimmings. Just adjust cooking times to suit!


Prepare the Yorkshire pudding batter by mixing all the ingredients (except the lard) together in a bowl with a whisk. Little lumps are totally fine. Place the batter in the fridge and leave to rest for at least 3 hours.

Meanwhile, remove the beef from the fridge a minimum of 2 hours before cooking to allow it to reach room temperature.

Blanch your cauliflower in the milk until just cooked and drain. Set the cauliflower aside and keep the milk for later.

Make a classic roux in a saucepan (this can be done in your kitchen if need be): combine the butter and flour and cook until the mixture is thickened and blonde in colour. Add the white wine and stir until fully combined and the mixture starts to thicken again. Now gradually add the poaching milk from the cauliflower, bringing to the boil each time you add more.

Once the sauce is thick and smooth, add the cheddar and mustard. Stir on a simmer until combined. Tip the cauliflower into an EGG-proof dish. Cover in the cheese sauce. Sprinkle with stilton and breadcrumbs. Set aside to cook later.

Rub the beef with rapeseed oil and season heavily all over with salt. Place onto a Roasting Rack sat in a Drip Pan.

For the gravy, add the diced vegetables along with the wine, beef stock and tomato puree into the bottom of the Drip Pan under the Roasting Rack.


Load & light your EGG and set it to cook indirectly at 120°C with the ConvEGGtor legs-up in your ConvEGGtor Basket and a Stainless Steel Grid on top.

salt the beef reverse sear the beef

Place the beef and its veg-filled Drip Pan into your EGG. Roast everything for 2-3 hours or until the sirloin’s internal temperature reaches 48°C. Every piece of sirloin is slightly different, so it may take a little less time or a little more.

Once this internal temperature has been reached, remove the joint from the EGG, wrap in foil or Butchers Paper and leave to stand. Strain the gravy through a sieve.

Begin the suet pudding. Sift the self-raising flour into a mixing bowl. Add your suet, baking powder, and salt. Mix together. While mixing, add just enough cold water to bring the mixture into a sticky dough. Cover with a tea towel, and leave to rise until almost doubled in size.


Bring your EGG up to 180°C and add the EGGspander with Half Moon Baking Stone on the bottom right side, Stainless Steel Grid on the top right side, Cast Iron Searing Grid on the top left side and the Multi Level Rack on top.

Parboil your potatoes for 3 minutes. Drain well and leave in a colander to steam. Put your fats in a Drip Pan in the EGG to heat up.

Once the fats are smoking, carefully remove from the EGG to a table. Add the garlic cloves, rosemary and potatoes, and turn in the oil to ensure they’re all covered. Sprinkle with a liberal amount of salt.

Place back into the EGG on the Baking Stone (on the bottom right side) and cook for 20-25 minutes until the bottom side is crisping up.

Meanwhile, make a start on the Yorkshire pudding. Take a suitable non-stick tray (we use a small enamelled Dutch Oven lid), add the lard and put it into your EGG on the Stainless Steel Grid (top right side) to heat up.

Once the lard is hot and smoking, it’s time to add the mixture. Open your EGG and fill the dish halfway up with your mixture. Close the EGG. Don’t open it again for a minimum of 10 minutes. This is important – if you open up during this initial cooking period, it could deflate.

Once the 10 minutes are up, you can check the Yorkshire pudding every 10-15 minutes to confirm that it’s rising. Meanwhile, take the opportunity to turn over your potatoes. Cook until the sides of the Yorkshire pudding are golden and well risen and the potatoes are golden all over.

Put the beef joint on the Cast Iron Searing Grid (top left) on the EGG and sear each side for those trademark searing lines. This should only take a matter of minutes. Check the internal temperature to make sure it’s done to your liking – ideal temperatures given below. These are pre-resting temperatures – as your meat rests it will rise by 3-4°C.

Rare: 48°C Medium rare: 53°C Medium: 57°C Medium well: 65°C Well done: 70°C

reverse sear the beef

Remove the beef, season with freshly ground black pepper and rest in a warm place for at least 20 minutes.

Gently add the suet pudding dough to a greased baking dish. Place this, as well as the cauliflower cheese, in your EGG on the Stainless Steel Grid (top right) for 25 minutes. Once the top has crisped up, brush the suet pudding with melted butter and continue to bake until golden brown.

york shirepudding and vegetables cauliflower cheese

While these are cooking, toss the vegetables in a little olive oil and grill on the Cast Iron Searing Grid. Meanwhile place the Yorkshire pudding and gravy onto the Multi Level Rack to warm through.

slice the beef serve with gravy


Carve thin slices of the beef, and serve with the roasted potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, cauliflower cheese, grilled vegetables, a slice of suet pudding and the gravy.