Whole fish in newspaper | Tom Kerridge | Big Green Egg

Whole fish in newspaper

By Tom Kerridge

By wrapping fish in newspaper, Tom Kerridge adds steaming to the list of Big Green Egg cooking modes!


This recipe takes all of the guesswork out of cooking fish. By wrapping bream with aromats and newspaper, you'll get a beautifully steamed centrepiece infused with the gentle scent of woodsmoke.

To prepare the fish

Make deep parallel slashes through the skin on both sides of the fish, at about 3cm intervals. Put the lemongrass, spring onion, ginger and kaffir lime leaves into the fish cavity.

Tear off a piece of baking parchment about 15cm longer than the fish and lay it on your work surface. Place a few lemon slices down the middle of the paper and lay the fish on top. Season both sides of the fish with salt and pepper and drizzle with the oil. Place the remaining lemon slices on top.

Wrap up the fish securely in the baking paper and tie the ends tightly with kitchen string. A well-sealed package will help the fish steam better. Now wrap the fish in 2 or 3 layers of newspaper and tie again with string.

Set up your EGG

Set up your EGG for direct cooking with the Cast Iron Searing Grid. Your target temperature is 200˚C.

To cook the fish

Shortly before cooking, immerse the whole package in a bowl of cold water for 4–5 minutes, no longer. Now place the fish parcel on the hottest part of the barbecue and cook for 15–20 minutes, turning it over after 8–10 minutes. The newspaper will burn but the fish will steam to perfection underneath.

To make the butter

While the fish is cooking, put the ingredients for the coriander and lime butter into a small bowl and mix until evenly combined. Season with salt and pepper.

To serve

Once the fish is cooked, remove the parcel from the barbecue and open it up. Spread the butter over the fish and let it melt. Garnish with coriander and serve with lime wedges.

Extracted from Tom Kerridge’s Outdoor Cooking: The Ultimate Modern BBQ Bible, published by Bloomsbury