When should I use the Rotisserie?

Spit-roasting whole birds and big cuts of meat results in the perfect combination of juiciness and crispness. The rotisserie mode isn’t all about meat, though. A whole salmon. A cauliflower. A squash. Even a pineapple. They’ll all benefit from the steady turn of a spit.

By adding an EGGspander System Multi-Level Rack to your setup, you can cook starters, sides or sauces underneath the Rotisserie, allowing them to absorb the steady drip of delicious juices. You can cook directly – grilling a flat bread, for example. Or, with the addition of a Baking Stone, you can cook indirectly – maybe roasting some potatoes.

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How to set up the Rotisserie for a direct cook

Open the Dome, place the Rotisserie ring onto the rim of the EGG and push it into place. Check that the Dome is fully sealed when closed. Slide the Rotisserie motor unit onto its connector on the ring and plug it into the mains. Open the Dome and the two vents. Load your charcoal until near the top of your Fire Box, then place a lit fire lighter in the middle of the charcoal. When the fire lighter has burned away, close the Dome and bring the EGG up to temperature.

Work out roughly how far apart the forks on the Rotisserie spit will need to sit to accommodate your food. Loosen the wing screw of the bottom fork, position it accordingly, then tighten. Loosen the wing screw at the top end of the spit and remove the top fork. Push the spit through the centre of your chosen ingredients and thread it down until the ingredients are fixed firmly on the bottom fork. Return the top fork to the spit and push it firmly into your food. Check that the ingredients and forks are aligned centrally on the spit and aren’t impeding the rotation grooves, then tighten the wing screws to secure.

Once the EGG has reached its target temperature, burp it, insert the spit into the Rotisserie motor unit and switch it on. Wait for a full rotation to check if any of the food is hanging loose. If it is, remove the spit and reattach the food. Otherwise, close the Dome and get cooking!

How to set up the rotisserie | Pork loin on the bone | Guides | Big Green Egg

How to set up the Rotisserie for an indirect cook

Load and light your EGG as if cooking directly (see above). While your EGG is coming up to temperature, assemble your spit. Once your EGG has reached its target temperature, burp it, then add in the EGGspander Multi-Level Rack upside down, so the outer ring sits onto the Fire Ring.

Add your Baking Stone and a stainless steel grid (both a size down from the model of your EGG: MiniMax size for a Large EGG) and close the Dome. Once it’s back up to target temperature, burp the EGG and add in a Drip Pan to catch all those juices. Insert the spit into the motor and switch on the Rotisserie.

How to set up the rotisserie | Pork loin on the bone | Guides | Big Green Egg

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