By Big Green Egg

French-style roast potatoes, cooked in bacon fat and stock


Load and light your EGG and set it to cook indirectly at 200°C, with the ConvEGGtor legs up and a Stainless Steel Grid on top.

Prepare your potatoes by peeling them and shaping them into barrels (this is called ‘turning’ potatoes).

Add the bacon and diced shallots to a skillet and place in the EGG. Return regularly while the lardons render.

peel your spuds add bacon to the skillet

Once the bacon is crispy, remove from the skillet and add the potatoes. Stir them around in the bacon fat, then add stock until the potatoes are half covered. Brush the tops with melted butter and return to the EGG.

add your stock brush with butter

Cook until the potatoes soften (around 45 minutes), then return the lardons and shallots and place into the EGG for a further 10 minutes. Scatter with chopped parsley, then serve.

add back the bacon add parsley and serve