The best way to perfect temperature control is to cook. You’ll soon get a feel for it. In no time at all you'll work out that opening your vents by a cocktail-stick width is perfect for Low & Slow, whilst for pizza they need to be almost fully open.

Tel Tru Thermometer Dome Gauge

A simple rule

Remember that more oxygen = more heat. Opening the rEGGulator Cap and Draft Door will make your EGG hotter. Closing them, cooler. Keep them in tandem — if your cap is open 1cm, your door should be too.

Slowly does it

Load and Light your EGG with both vents fully open. Once you've reached your target temperature, you can begin to adjust the Draft Door and rEGGulator. The EGG is a precise machine that will respond to even the smallest changes to your vents, so make these adjustments in small increments.

Easy to heat, harder to cool

Due to its impressive heat retention, it’s easier to heat an EGG up than it is to cool it down. This means that if you're trying to reduce your temperature, you may find that it takes a little longer. Give it a sec, and it'll happen.

Be patient

Once the temperature has stopped fluctuating, leave the Cap and Draft Door alone. You're ready to start cooking! Adding raw food and cold surfaces to your EGG will most likely affect its temperature but don't be tempted to tinker with the vents again. If the temperature was stable before you added anything, you can have faith that it will self-regulate and heat back up again.

Temperature Control using the draft door

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