By James Whetlor

A celebratory but wonderfully simple fish dish from 'Cooking on the Big Green Egg'

  • FISH
  • Roasting


If it will fit, the side of salmon can be cooked whole. If it won’t, just cut it in half. The thinner edges will be a little more cooked than the middle, so share out different sections when serving. This is a wonderful summer centrepiece. For a more classic hot smoked salmon flavour, free to experiment with a few woodchips.



Brush the salmon fillet all over with a little olive oil and lay on a baking tray. Season generously with salt and pepper, then top with the shallots, lemon zest and the chopped herb stalks. Leave to marinate for a bit before lighting the EGG.

sprinkle your herbs on top

Place the tray on the grill, close the lid and bake the salmon for about 30–40 minutes. You can tell it is done when the fish feels just firm to the touch and the white juices are just starting to break through the surface. You can rest it for 10 minutes then serve right away, or let it rest, covered in foil, for up to 2 hours before serving.

Gently brush the herbs and shallots off the salmon and add a squeeze of lemon juice, keeping the remaining lemon to serve as wedges at the table. Pull the salmon into big flakes and put onto a big platter or onto plates, topped with the chopped herb leaves.

Serve with a salad of raw vegetables and leaves, grilled vegetables, or whole baked beetroot.

Recipe © Cooking on the Big Green Egg, Quadrille 2021. Author: James Whetlor Photographer: Sam Folan

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