MiniMax Big Green Egg + ConvEGGtor
MiniMax Big Green Egg

£ 795

MiniMax Big Green Egg + ConvEGGtor

£ 795

MiniMax Big Green Egg

50 reviews

The ‘Mighty’ MiniMax is the unsung hero of the range. What it lacks in size, it easily makes up for in power. Versatile enough to deliver whatever your heart desires. Mobile enough to take on your next adventure.

Order a new EGG between 9am on 1st December and 9am on 2nd January and we’ll gift you a FREE Big Green Egg Classic Leather Apron worth £175-£195. Handmade in a Dutch atelier, this comfortable, stylish apron is designed for the rigours of cooking over fire. The offer is only available while stocks of this limited edition apron last, so order early to avoid missing out. Size S-XL shipped by default, but XL-2XL also available – see tab below for sizing and delivery details.

Comes with ConvEGGtor and Stainless Steel Grid.

Code: ACMM111

In the box

  • MiniMax Big Green Egg
  • Sturdy, easy-to-grip Carrier
  • ConvEGGtor
  • Internal Firebox
  • New and improved Fire Ring & Fire Grate
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Grid
  • rEGGulator Cap
  • Tel-Tru Thermometer Dome Gauge
  • Standard Shipping included
  • Big Green Egg Leather Apron (size S-XL)

Free Classic Leather Apron with every EGG

Free for a limited time only! The Big Green Egg Classic Leather Apron provides the ultimate workwear for an outdoor cook: strong, light, comfortable and stylish. Multiple adjustments allow it to fits a wide range of body sizes and shapes. Designed in London and made at a small atelier in the Netherlands, it is produced from richly coloured leather that won’t fade or scratch, however hard you work it. Like the EGG, this is an apron that is built to last a lifetime with a lifetime warranty to match.

Deluxe Leather Apron | Utensils | Big Green Egg

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50 reviews

  • A thing of beauty well worth it

    Stephen Crowe
  • Used every day since its arrival. Perfect food every time.

    Ms Phillips
  • Fantastic product, I can only recommend. BGE are fast to ship and have great content online.

    Vladimir B.
Roast Chicken | MiniMax | Big Green Egg

The MiniMax may be small, but it packs in the same best-selling flavour of a larger EGG. Don't let its size fool you, it can still easily cook for 4-6.

Groundbreaking Flavour

Temperature Control

MiniMax: You're in control!

Ready to cook in 12 minutes. 80+ hours of
 cooking in one bag of charcoal. Easy depth of flavour, minimal clean-up, and the power to
 cook ANYTHING to a restaurant standard. With
 an EGG, you’re in safe hands.

ConvEGGtor | Turn your barbecue into a smoker and pizza oven | Big Green Egg

The MiniMax is an oven too

This EGG is so much more than a barbecue. With the ConvEGGtor at your disposal (included with every EGG purchase), you can make pizza, hot-smoked salmon and sourdough bread. You can pull off astonishing brisket, pulled pork and ribs or just prepare for the greatest roast chicken of your life.

Air flow in

Adjust vents for temperature control

The EGG's characteristic dial, in the rain

The EGG sings in the rain

Rain or shine (or snow for that matter), nothing will dampen the performance of your EGG. It’s not a fair-weather investment, it’s a lifetime investment.

MiniMax on an adventure | Big Green Egg


Your perfect companion

Thanks to its size and purpose-built carrier, the MiniMax can be stowed away in a car boot — perfect for impromptu trips to the beach.

Big Green Egg Thermometer

From not to hot in 10 minutes flat

Thanks to its smaller size and patented airflow technology, the MiniMax can go from 0˚C to 300˚C in a speedy 10 minutes. Perfect for weeknight meals.

Unparalleled Efficiency

Thanks to its NASA-grade ceramics and pioneering design, a MiniMax EGG can cook for hours just on one load of charcoal. Why stop at one pizza, when you could be producing one after the other?

Eight ways to cook. Endless possibilities.

  • MiniMax Big Green Egg Lobster
  • MiniMax Big Green Egg Thermometer
  • MiniMax | The Perfect Companion to the XL or Large Big Green Egg


In an open barbecue, flavour and moisture simply escape out into the atmosphere. With a Big Green Egg, everything stays locked inside the dome. Pair that with our charcoal - which gives a surprising amount of rich, umami depth - and you're onto something special. The rest is magic.

Some say that building our EGGs with NASA-grade ceramics is overkill. We think it's the thing that sets us apart. Better ceramic technology means better heat retention, which in turn produces a longer, more consistent cook. That's why with one batch of charcoal, a Large EGG can cook for up to 24 hours.

We actively encourage you to. You can enjoy the unforgettable flavours of the EGG all year round — come rain, wind, or snow. There's something about bad weather and cold temperatures that makes fire-cooked food particularly warm the cockles.

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