Top 5 Party food on the EGG | Tapas On the EGGspander System | Big Green Egg

Twenty party recipes for the Big Green Egg

1. The casual gathering

A Big Green Egg is the perfect hub for a casual party with family or friends – the kind of uproarious, messy affair where you’re sharing big plates of food and rarely sitting in one place for long. Pizza is, of course, a proper party favourite, particularly if there are kids to distract by helping out with the prep. A multi-dish Indian feast is no less convivial. Both are magnificent cooked up in the heat and smoke of an EGG.

2. The fancy dinner party

For a more sophisticated party, a dinner to dress up and sit down for, spoil your guests with our Spanish feasting menu, including tapas recipes from one of the great maestros of Spanish cooking, José Pizarro, and a Basque Cheesecake recipe from the Due South restaurant in Brighton. The EGG elevates the dishes to whole different level, adding a welcome lick of smoke to José’s sweet, earthy croquetas and an impressive crispness to his delicate empanadas.

3. The romantic dinner

As long as you’re sharing the table with somebody suitably special, it only takes two to make a party. Light some candles, silence your phones and use your Big Green Egg to turn some seriously good ingredients into a simple but luxurious three-course dinner, starting with sweet, fat scallops dirty cooked in their shells and ending with the most hedonistic of sticky toffee puddings. It won’t just be the coals that are glowing at the end of that little lot.

4. The indulgent brunch

Partying isn’t just for the nighttime. There are few things more indulgent than a long, lazy day on a weekend or bank holiday with a long, lazy brunch to kick it off. Any one of these egg-based recipes will do the trick, cooked (fittingly) on an EGG for a subtle smokiness that complements their flavour perfectly. The key elements are some cast iron cookware, a pot of good coffee and a glass or two of something cold and fizzy to wash it all down.